'They're Quoting Your Friends': Fox News Host Erupts On Stefanik

By Daniel Walker | May 21, 2024

Change in opinion

During a recent interview on Fox News, host Shannon Bream confronted Rep. Elise Stefanik with quotes from a New York Times article that highlighted Stefanik's past criticism of former President Donald Trump, including referring to him as a "whack job" at one point. 

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Bream probed Stefanik about her change in opinion regarding Trump, prompting the lawmaker to express her disapproval of being questioned based on a New York Times report with anonymous sources. 

Tensions within the GOP

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Stefanik began to respond, criticizing the use of unnamed sources, before Bream intervened. The exchange occurred amidst tensions within the GOP, exemplified by disagreements among senators following Mitt Romney's remarks about behaviors during Trump's impeachment trial.