Surprising Photos of Past Generations Show How Different Life Is Today

By Jack Ripley | May 30, 2024

This is how babies used to fly on airplanes.

Some economists claim that it’s the best time to be alive. People have access to everything they want and happiness comes at the push of a button, or more accurately the tap of a touch screen. The economy has been on a 30 year upswing and yet we have the highest rates of child depression and suicide. What’s happening with young people that’s making them so unhappy? And why were people so much happier in the early 20th century?

Let’s take a look back to the old days and see how children actually lived. They endured through hard times and impossible jobs to make ends meet or take care of their families. They lived in tenements, got sick from working in coal mines, and yet they survived. They were happy without having that joy delivered by an app. Keep reading to find out what made them different. Let’s go! 

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Flying with a child today takes all of the courage that a passenger can muster. Spending on the size and age of the child parents have to either pay for an adult seat or spend the entirety of the trip carrying their child on their lap, it’s not the best way to travel, not for the parent and not for their fellow passengers.

In the 1950s children rode in overhead cradles that freed up room for adults while giving them space to sleep. Even though the overhead cradle looks like the front of a bulldozer that’s ready to dump the child into the aisle, it’s actually a great idea that allowed children to get a break from their parents while the kids were rocked to sleep by the motion of the plane. 

Baby car seat in the 1950s.

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When you think about it, car seats have been one of the most reworked and refined pieces of technology of the 20th century. This constant updating shows that researchers and parents are always thinking about how to keep their children safe. Whether its with a large diaper-like holder that attaches to the back of a seat, or like the seat pictured, a seat that featured a metal frame surrounded by a buckle.

Even with the steering wheel attached to the front of the frame this seat is similar to what kids are sitting in today. Sure, there are cup holders, things to keep the baby interested, and probably even a phone charger, but the seat and the buckle haven’t really changed.