Scientists Find Structure Older Than Humanity

By Olivia Smith | May 7, 2024

The lifestyles

Researchers have unearthed an ancient discovery that predates the emergence of Homo sapiens, as reported in Nature. 

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Dating back to 476,000 years ago, primitive wooden tools and structures were unearthed at a site in Kalambo Falls, Zambia, shedding light on the lifestyles of our early predecessors. Recently discovered tools and structures in Southern Africa predate the era of Homo sapiens.

Construction practices

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This archaeological find, preceding the Stone Age by a considerable period, indicates that early hominins possessed knowledge of construction practices and may not have been entirely nomadic, challenging previous assumptions. This groundbreaking revelation indicates that this unidentified hominin species exhibited resourcefulness in utilizing their environment, while the structure suggests a capacity for abstract thinking among these early inhabitants.