Scandalous Stories Of Axl Rose's Headline-Making Mayhem With Guns N' Roses

By Jack Ripley | October 30, 2023

Rose Chickened Out Of A Fight With Spin Editor Bob Guccione, Jr. When He Realized That Guccione Was Trained In Martial Arts

From outrageous on-stage antics to clashes with the press, his partners, and even his own bandmates, Axl Rose's journey in the world of rock has been nothing short of exhilarating and at times, controversial. Prepare to witness jaw-dropping incidents that have defined the enigmatic frontman's career.

Get ready to delve into the stories behind his unforgettable performances, his fiery encounters with journalists, the tumultuous relationships that have made headlines, and the intense conflicts within the band. Whether you're a long-time fan or simply curious about the man behind Guns N' Roses, this slideshow will take you on a roller-coaster ride through Axl Rose's craziest moments.

So, buckle up and click ahead to discover the highs, lows, and everything in between as we explore the thrilling and tumultuous world of Axl Rose!

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Axl Rose has never been good at taking criticism from the media. In 1991, when  Guns N' Roses released "Use Your Illusion Volumes I & II," he lashed out at specific members of the media who he felt weren't giving him the respect he deserved. On the track "Get In The Ring" he called out  Spin magazine editor Bob Guccione, Jr., challenging him to a boxing match.

Rose didn't realize that Guccione had been practicing karate for nine years at that time and was ready to take on the singer in hand to hand combat. Guccione even sent Axl a letter accepting the challenge. However, Axl never responded, and Guccione believed that Axl was too afraid to face him.

He Attacked A Fan Onstage, A Riot Ensued

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While rocking faces off at the Riverport Amphitheater near St. Louis on July 2, 1991, GnR found themselves in the midst of yet another riot. While tearing through "Rocket Queen," Rose saw someone in the crowd taking pictures. He asked the security team to take the camera away, but when they failed to do so Axl jumped into the audience while the band soldiered on, grabbed the camera, and attacked the person taking pictures and some of the security guards for good measure.

After getting back on stage, Axl shouted, "Because of the lousy security, I'm leaving!" He dropped the microphone and left the stage. The other band members followed him, and then thousands of fans rushed the stage. They destroyed the band's equipment and caused damage to the venue by tearing down fences and video screens. Rose was charged with encouraging a riot, but he wasn't arrested until almost a year later.