Rockstars Who Shockingly Hated Their Own Albums

By Jack Ripley | December 23, 2023

Weezer – ‘Pinkerton’ 

Not every hit album is revered by the artists who recorded them. Some of the most popular and important albums of the '70s, '80s, and '90s are downright hated by the bands who made them happen. Many of us remember these albums from their release, and they became part of our musical identity. However, unbeknownst to many fans, some of these albums were not held in high esteem by the very artists who created them.

From David Bowie to Metallica, these albums range in genre and era, but all share the commonality of being loved by fans and loathed by their creators. Join us as we take a closer look at these iconic albums and the reasons behind the artists' disdain. Don't miss out on this inside look into the music industry's most controversial albums.

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Weezer's "Pinkerton" has become a beloved album of the '90s, despite initially being met with critical backlash. This emotionally charged record captures the sound of Rivers Cuomo's disillusionment with rock stardom after achieving his dreams. However, the initial negative reception led Cuomo to retract his true feelings about the album and even go so far as to call it hideous.

Though Cuomo has since softened his stance, he still regards Pinkerton as one of the most embarrassing things he's ever released. This hesitance has prevented Weezer from fully exploring the sound that made Pinkerton so groundbreaking. While the band has remained consistent, they've never quite been able to match the genius of their early work.

Despite the setbacks, Pinkerton remains a staple of the alternative rock genre and a testament to the raw emotion and vulnerability that can be found in rock music.

Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo doens't hate "Pinkerton" because it's not a good record, but because of the way he was so open about his personal life in the lyrics. He said:

The most painful thing in my life these days is the cult around ‘Pinkerton.’ It’s just a sick album, sick in a diseased sort of way.

Bob Geldof, "Do They Know It’s Christmas?"

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While not a full album, Geldof's ire for this inspiring holiday tune has to be recognized. Even though the song raised awareness of the famine in Ethiopia while raising £8 million for charitable causes that doesn't mean that Geldof is happy with his work. He said:

I will go to the supermarket, head to the meat counter and it will be playing – every [explative] Christmas... I am responsible for two of the worst songs in history, One is 'Do They Know It's Christmas?' and the other one is 'We Are the World.'