Ringo Starr Releases His First Ever Solo Album in 1970: How Did That Go?

By Sarah Norman | May 29, 2024

Sentimental Journey

In 1970, as the world was still reeling from the breakup of The Beatles, Ringo Starr took a bold step into the spotlight with the release of his first solo album, "Sentimental Journey." Known as the lovable drummer of the Fab Four, Ringo surprised fans by venturing into uncharted musical territory. This article takes a fun and engaging look at how Ringo's solo debut was received, the eclectic mix of classic standards he chose to cover, and the unique charm he brought to his newfound solo career. From recording with star-studded guest artists to the reactions of critics and fans, join us as we explore the journey of Ringo Starr's first solo album and its impact on his musical legacy. Did the world's favorite drummer manage to captivate audiences on his own? Let's find out!

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Ringo Starr at Apple Corps© in 1969. Photo by Chris Walter via Getty Images

As The Beatles were breaking up in 1970, Ringo Starr recorded Sentimental Journey, a solo album, which is an odd thing for a drummer to do. Even more strange is the fact that the album isn’t full of songs that Ringo was holding onto throughout his time in the most famous rock band in the world. Instead, Sentimental Journey is an album of standards that were arranged by different friends. At the time of its release it was a strange thing to hear Ringo singing Dixieland jazz and big band arrangements but time has been kind to the drummer’s debut album.

It’s safe to say that Ringo Starr is the member of The Beatles who gets the least recognition. He held things down behind the drums as one of the most influential rock drummers in history, but he was also in a band with John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and George Harrison.

Ringo decided to make an album because he didn’t know what else to do

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source: beatles bible

By 1969 The Beatles were all but over. They were barely speaking to one another as they put the finishing touches on their final album, Let It Be. Ringo was unsure about how to spend his days now that he was no longer drumming with the lads from Liverpool. Rather than mope around he found inspiration in his mother - Elsie Starkey. Ringo decided to record an album of songs that his family liked to sing with one another around the home. The songs would be the ones that made his mother happy and not the kind of thing that Beatles were expecting.