Retro Rewind: A Trip Through Iconic '80s Objects

By Jack Ripley | February 20, 2024

Chunky Glasses Were The Best Way To Frame A Face

Step into the dazzling realm of the 1980s, where style reigned supreme and creativity knew no bounds. Prepare to be transported on a journey through time as we explore a handpicked selection of the most visually mesmerizing relics from this unforgettable era.

From the perplexing genius of the Rubik's Cube to the futuristic allure of the DeLorean, each item showcased here embodies the essence of '80s flair and innovation. Let your senses be dazzled by the sleek contours of the Sony Walkman and the timeless elegance of Patrick Nagel's artistry.

Join us as we embark on a voyage of nostalgia and design, celebrating the iconic creations that defined a generation. Dive deeper into the visual splendor of the 1980s, where every object tells a story of innovation and style that continues to inspire awe to this day.

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Wearing a pair of big spectacles — a signature style of the 1980s — is a sure way to turn heads. Geek culture gained ground with movies like "Revenge of the Nerds in 1984." These spectacles were more than corrective lenses for eyes; their large frames and enormous lenses made them a statement piece that could liven up any ensemble. Chunky spectacles are the ideal accessory for any trendsetter or fashionista looking to exude an air of vintage cool and geek chic.

Everyone from hipsters to Hollywood stars had chunky spectacles in the '80s. They became a sign of freedom of expression because of their striking designs and unique frames.

The Iconic Art Style of the 1980s: Patrick Nagel and Art Deco Style Portraits

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Take a journey into the hypnotic universe of Art Deco portraits by Patrick Nagel, which shaped the aesthetic of the 1980s. Stunning compositions, vivid colors, and strong lines characterize Nagel's portraits, encapsulating the glitz and elegance of the 1980s. Whatever your preference — his iconic ladies or his elegant geometric designs — the enduring fascination of Nagel's work never fails to enchant audiences worldwide.

His highly stylized female portraits and daring use of color were symbols of the time's preoccupation with material success and physical attractiveness. Nagel's work reflected the cultural shift towards individualism, ambition, and wealth. Among his most famous pieces are the portraits for Duran Duran's album "Rio" and Playboy magazine covers, which helped solidify his status as a cultural icon.

But Nagel's impact extends far beyond the 1980s. In fact, the resurgence of Art Deco style in recent years is a testament to Nagel's enduring influence. From architecture to interior design and even tattoos, the iconic style of the 1980s is making a comeback. It's not just nostalgia that drives this trend; it's a timeless aesthetic that never goes out of style.