Rediscovered Vintage Photography And Their Timeless Stories Lost To History

By Jack Ripley | October 4, 2023

Family outing at the hair salon in the early 60s.

Why do we like to look at photographs from the past? The answer is simple. It is a great way to remind us of how far we have come. If it funny that we think of days gone by as being a simpler time, but living without all our modern conveniences often made day-to-day tasks more complicated. Many people are nostalgic for the days without modern conveniences and, as these photographs show, there definitely was something very appealing about life in the past. 

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Source: Pinterest

Talk about a pampered pooch! During the 1960s, women often visited the hairdresser once a week for a shampoo and set, with the hopes that the style would hold in their hair for a whole week until their next appointment. While it was common for a housewife to bring her small children with her to her hair appointments, including the family dog on the outing was rare. This pampered pooch, however, seems to enjoy sitting under the hairdryer. 

An ad for Scandinavian Airlines, 1969.

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Source: Reddit

Now this is an in-flight meal! Here is an ad for Scandinavian Airlines that shows a virtual smorgasbord of traditional food items being served to the passengers. Various sausages, meats, and cheeses are offered, as well as beverages. After the government stopped regulating the cost of airline tickets, the airlines responded by engaging in a type of price war and perks war…showcasing the unique features of a particular airline. Like gourmet food.