Rare Photos Of The Dapper And Dangerous Criminals Of The 1920s

By Jack Ripley | October 14, 2023

Nowadays, a criminal's mugshot is just a close-up shot of their face. Drunk, high or just a bit desperate looking, there's nothing remotely cool about them. But back in the day? Well, it was quite the opposite. Long exposure cameras meant, as with all photographs, there could be no smiling or facial expressions. So you just go mean, moody stares.

Let's turn the dial back one hundred years to the Roaring 20s to take a look at these devastating mugshots from some of the most dangerous criminals of the early 20th century.

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Perhaps the most noticeable thing about the pinched felons from the 1920's? Just how dapper they all were! Back then, even a petty thief would be dressed smart. Ties, suits, hats, the lot.

This collection of criminal mug shots from the twenties perfectly illustrates just how far the crooks of today have strayed from any notion of the sartorial. These vintage mug shots show some criminally smart-dressed dudes.

A Dastardly Duo

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Edward Dalton (right) and his colleague Mr. De Gracy (left) were partners. Partners in crime. But while breaking the law might have landed them in trouble with the police, it didn't see them upset any local tailors. They kept things looking fly throughout their criminal careers.