Rare Photos Of John Lennon That Show Another Side Of The Enigmatic Beatle 

By Jack Ripley | May 24, 2024

Acid Changed Him, Said His Wife

From the vibrant streets of Liverpool to the electric energy of New York City, John Lennon's journey was as extraordinary as it was transformative. This collection of photos captures the essence of a man who was not only a musical genius but also a cultural icon, peace advocate, and eternal dreamer. Through these images, we witness the evolution of Lennon—from his early days as a cheeky young lad with the Beatles, to his introspective years as a solo artist and passionate activist. Each snapshot tells a story, offering glimpses into his creative mind, his personal struggles, and his relentless quest for love and harmony. Dive into these moments and feel the enduring spirit of John Lennon, whose legacy continues to inspire and resonate across generations.

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source: douglas kirkland

Cynthia said that her and John’s relationship started falling apart when he started taking large amounts of LSD. He first experienced the drug at a party hosted by his dentist; the dentist slipped some into coffee that Lennon and Harrison were drinking, and only later told them what he'd done.

Aunt Mimi Thought Music Was A Dead End

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John grew up in Liverpool under the legal guardianship of Mimi Smith, his maternal aunt, who was famously dismissive of his interest in music. "The guitar's all right John, but you'll never make a living out of it," she told him, on numerous occasions. John and his aunt had a contentious relationship to say the least. 

After becoming one of the greatest musicians of his day (you know, as one of the main songwriters in the most influential band of all time) he had a silver plaque engraved with her disparaging quote.