Once-Majestic Places Now Abandoned To The Wild

By Jack Ripley | November 21, 2023

Abandoned Yellow House in Nova Scotia

Many places of interest around the world have been abandoned or destroyed for various reasons. Some of these places are picturesque or entertaining such as amusement parks where many people once took vacations to. Besides the vacation hot spots that were abandoned, there are also some not so beautiful abandoned houses and wrecked vehicles (cars, planes, boats, etc.) that leaves one intrigued with mystery as to the details of those wrecks and stories behind those old abandoned houses.

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Source: Reddit

The picture of this old abandoned yellow house looks like something you would see in an old suspenseful movie like Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds."  With all the dandelions and the house being yellow (needs a good paint job), you would really have to like the color yellow to live there.  It was probably abandoned though, not because of the color yellow, but because of the economy in the area.  A lot of communities in Nova Scotia lacked opportunity for growth so when the children would grow up and leave for greener pastures, there was no one to leave the homes to; and, consequently, would end up being abandoned once the parents passed away.

Lucy the elephant hotel, New Jersey

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Source: Pinterest

This enormous elephant-shaped building was first built back in 1881 with six stories and was originally called Elephant Bazaar. It had winding stairs that led up to the howdah, the seat where you would ride an elephant. Lucy endured many disasters including a fire during a period of time when the building was used as a tavern. During one of these disasters, Lucy's howdah got blown off. By 1960, it had been so neglected that the city condemned it. When a new developer wanted to have Lucy removed, a committee formed to save and restore her. Now she is back in operation fully restored.