Off the Beaten Path: The World of Unconventional Transportation

By Jack Ripley | January 12, 2024

The Labor-Intensive Pulled Rickshaw

Curious about the types of transportation that have dotted societies over the years? Explore a gallery of unconventional rides that defy the ordinary. From the graceful glides of dragon boats to the peculiar pedals of the penny-farthing, here are some stories behind these unique modes of transport. Whether it's balancing on a unicycle or cruising on a bamboo train, each of these modes of transport offers a charming blend of innovation, eccentricity, and a dash of historical flair.

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ny times

This human-powered mode of transport debuted in Japan in the 1860s before conquering the streets of Asia and beyond. Invented by a Japanese entrepreneur named Izumi Yosuke, these small, two-wheeled carts drew attention for their simplicity and efficiency. Pulled by a human runner, the rickshaw offered a novel alternative to traditional transport.

Used extensively throughout Asia, from Tokyo to Calcutta, the pulled rickshaw became an iconic feature of bustling city life for decades. While the concept of a human pulling a cart might raise some eyebrows today, it provided employment and mobility. The pulled rickshaw, though labor-intensive, was not a bad idea; it was a testament to human ingenuity in crafting solutions for transportation challenges in the days before motorized options took over the streets.


Bouncing to Your Destination With the Pogo Stick

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The pogo stick, that bouncy marvel of mobility, hopped onto the scene in 1919, thanks to George B. Hansburg's inventive spirit. Initially created as a fitness device, the pogo stick soon bounced into the realms of entertainment and sport. With its spring-loaded mechanism, users could defy gravity in rhythmic hops and jumps, turning sidewalks into makeshift trampolines.

While not a traditional mode of transportation, the pogo stick carved a niche as a quirky, adrenaline-pumping means of getting around. Though not widely adopted for practical commuting, the pogo stick sparked bursts of popularity, even infiltrating the realm of extreme sports. While perhaps not the most efficient or conventional form of travel, the pogo stick proved that sometimes, the journey is just as important as the destination – especially when you're bouncing your way there.