NY v Trump: DA's own witness backfires, testifies Trump did not direct him on repayments

By Olivia Smith | May 8, 2024

Trump Organization controller

Witness testimony in the NY v. Trump case on Monday indicated that former President Trump did not directly instruct a Trump Organization executive to arrange reimbursement payments to former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen.

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At the beginning of the fourth week of the trial, defense lawyer Emil Bove questioned former Trump Organization controller Jeffrey McConney on Monday asking him if "Michael Cohen was a lawyer?"

Payments to lawyers

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"Sure, yes," McConney responded. "And payments to lawyers by the Trump Organization are legal expenses, right?" asked Bove. "Yes," said McConney. "President Trump did not ask you to do any of the things you just described ... correct?" Bove asked. "He did not," McConney replied.