New Bill Would Have Allowed AZ Ranchers To Shoot Border Crossers: Has It Come To This?

By | May 6, 2024

Facing murder charges

A proposed Arizona bill would dramatically expand the state's Castle Doctrine law to allow the use of deadly force against anyone trespassing on private property. Current law only allows it for self-defense in one's home. The bill was introduced by a Republican lawmaker aiming to protect ranchers and farmers from migrants on their land.

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via ABC News

It would give legal protection to a rancher currently facing murder charges for fatally shooting an unarmed Mexican migrant in the back as he crossed the rancher’s property. Rep. Justin Heap said, “If a farmer owns 10,000 acres of farmland, his home may be a half a mile away from where he is, and if he sees someone on his land, can he approach them and trespass them from his property?”

Increasing numbers

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Rep. Heap explained, “So, this is an amendment to essentially fix that loophole because we have several cases and, unfortunately, an increasing number of cases, as we are seeing an increasingly larger number of migrants or human traffickers moving across farm and ranchland.”