Must-Have Gadgets From The 1980s No One Uses Anymore

By Jack Ripley | June 11, 2024

Hands Free Headsets

Get your DeLorean up to 88mph and travel back in time to get a sweet hit of technological nostalgia with these relics from the 1980s, where innovation once defined the cutting edge. From the iconic Sony Walkman to the quirky convenience of The Clapper, these items were must-haves that shaped the way we interacted with technology and entertainment.

Remember the days of cable TV and the ritual of recording mixtapes on cassette tapes? While some of our readers may have fond memories of using these devices in their youth, others may be discovering these artifacts for the first time, offering a glimpse into a bygone era they never knew. Join us on a journey through the technological landscape of the 1980s, and continue reading to uncover more about these obsolete marvels that once defined an era.

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Hands-free headsets were THE piece of versatile technology in 1980s known for their convenience and practicality - and you allegedly looked cool while wearing one. These headsets offered users the ability to make phone calls while keeping their hands free for other tasks, revolutionizing the way people communicated on the go.

With the integration of hands-free features into modern smartphones and Bluetooth technology, standalone hands-free headsets are not only obsolete, but they look like something from a piece of science fiction.


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In the 1980s, the pager emerged as a revolutionary piece of technology, becoming a must-have for professionals and individuals alike. Its ability to receive short messages and alerts made it indispensable for communication on the go. However, with the rapid advancement of mobile phones and the internet, pagers quickly became obsolete. The limited functionality of pagers, restricted to one-way communication and alphanumeric messages, couldn't compete with the versatility and convenience offered by smartphones. As a result, the pager faded into obscurity, overshadowed by more advanced and feature-rich communication devices. Today, the pager is largely forgotten, a relic of a bygone era, as virtually everyone has access to more sophisticated means of communication.