Lost Classics: Must-Watch Movies From the 1990s You Might Have Missed

By Jack Ripley | April 11, 2024

Tank Girl

There's never been a better time to immerse yourself in the colorful world of 1990s cinema, where timeless classics and hidden treasures await discovery. While many films from this era have cemented their place in cultural history, there exists a wealth of lesser-known gems that deserve recognition.

Come along as we shine a light on these forgotten treasures, and celebrate the most popular movies from the 1990s that have faded from our collective memory. From offbeat comedies to gripping dramas, these films may have been overshadowed by their more prominent counterparts, but they hold a special charm that is waiting to be rediscovered and appreciated.

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"Tank Girl" is a punk-inspired action-comedy directed by Rachel Talalay,
based on the British comic series. Set in a post-apocalyptic world where water is
scarce, the film follows Rebecca, aka Tank Girl, as she rebels against the oppressive Water & Power corporation alongside her ragtag group of allies. With her tank and irreverent attitude, Tank Girl challenges authority and fights for freedom in a colorful and anarchic landscape. Featuring a charismatic performance by Lori Petty in the titular role, "Tank Girl" is a visually inventive and offbeat adventure that celebrates individuality, rebellion, and the power of female empowerment in a dystopian society.

Problem Child

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"Problem Child" is a mischievous comedy centered on Junior, a notorious troublemaker adopted by the unsuspecting Healy family, headed by patriarch John Ritter. Junior's antics wreak havoc on their lives as he sabotages friendships, parties, and even a camping trip. Despite his behavior, Junior longs for acceptance and love. Through hilarious escapades and heartfelt moments, the film explores themes of family, acceptance, and the power of second chances.

With its irreverent humor testing what can be called a “kid’s movie,” "Problem Child" offers a lighthearted and entertaining journey that resonates with
audiences of all ages.