From the Archives: Exploring the Unexplained Phenomena of 'Unsolved Mysteries'

By Jack Ripley | March 12, 2024

Up in Smoke

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The "Up in Smoke" segment of Unsolved Mysteries is about spontaneous human combustion, a mysterious phenomenon. It looks at three cases, two of which resulted in death. The third case involves Kay Fletcher, a woman who experienced her back emitting smoke with a burnt flesh smell one morning, but she was not injured. One expert suggests that spontaneous human combustion might occur due to internal electrical currents causing a spark that sets the body on fire, similar to a wick. However, there is also a skeptic who dismisses this idea as "crackpottery."

The Disappearance of Cindy Song

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In 2001, Hyun Jong Song, known as Cindy to her friends, was a college student at Penn State. She was a small woman, just 5'1" and around 100 lbs. On Halloween night, after a night out with friends, Cindy disappeared. Her friends dropped her off at her apartment around 4 am on November 1, 2001, but she left her apartment sometime later and vanished. There were reports of sightings of a woman who resembled Cindy being forcibly taken into a car while crying and screaming, leading to fears of sex trafficking.

Despite police investigations, Cindy's body has never been found. Many believe she may have been a victim of the serial killer Hugo Selenski, who is already serving a life sentence for other unrelated murders. While several bodies have been discovered on Selenski's property, Cindy's body has not been positively identified.