From the Archives: Exploring the Unexplained Phenomena of 'Unsolved Mysteries'

By Jack Ripley | May 19, 2024

Dial 'A' For Abduction

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(daily mail)

On April 4, 1991, 20-year-old Angela Hammond vanished from Clinton, Missouri, while talking to her boyfriend, Rob Shafer, on a pay phone. She mentioned a suspicious man in a green pickup truck circling the block and then stopping beside her. Angela screamed and dropped the phone. In response, Shafer rushed to the scene and tried to follow the pickup truck, but he ended up damaging his car.

Initially, the police suspected Shafer, but he was later cleared when witnesses came forward and confirmed seeing the suspicious truck. The Unsolved Mysteries segment suggests that Angela's kidnapping might be connected to two other incidents in Missouri earlier that year: a murder and an unsolved abduction. Co-creator Terry Dunn Meurer said of this case:

It was so so tragic. He rushes off to try and save her when it sounds like she’s in trouble, his car breaks down, and he basically sees her going off down the road with her abductor. She’s never seen again. My heart just goes out to him for the loss that he experienced. Random crimes tend to be the scariest. The ones that frighten me the most are when these people are doing everything right. All she’s doing is talking to her boyfriend on a pay phone. She’s not engaging in any kind of risky behavior or anything, then suddenly this happens. She gave a description of the truck, the decal in the window, and of the creepy guy. Why we didn’t find find him and that truck? I don’t know.

The Disappearance of Cindy Song

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In 2001, Hyun Jong Song, known as Cindy to her friends, was a college student at Penn State. She was a small woman, just 5'1" and around 100 lbs. On Halloween night, after a night out with friends, Cindy disappeared. Her friends dropped her off at her apartment around 4 am on November 1, 2001, but she left her apartment sometime later and vanished. There were reports of sightings of a woman who resembled Cindy being forcibly taken into a car while crying and screaming, leading to fears of sex trafficking.

Despite police investigations, Cindy's body has never been found. Many believe she may have been a victim of the serial killer Hugo Selenski, who is already serving a life sentence for other unrelated murders. While several bodies have been discovered on Selenski's property, Cindy's body has not been positively identified.