From the Archives: Exploring the Unexplained Phenomena of 'Unsolved Mysteries'

By Jack Ripley | March 5, 2024

Cheerleader Murder

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(Investigation Discovery)

One of the most upsetting cases on Unsolved Mysteries is that of 15-year-old cheerleader Jessica Keen from Weinland Park, Ohio, who disappeared in 1991 before her body was discovered in a local cemetery two days later. Police were able to determine that Keen had been held hostage before she was assaulted, she then escaped before she was caught and assaulted again before she was beaten to death with a headstone. In 2008, the case was finally laid to rest when Marvin Lee Smith was busted for assaulting two women. When he was brought in by the police his DNA was a positive match for Jessica's murder.

The Disappearance of Cindy Song

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In 2001, Hyun Jong Song, known as Cindy to her friends, was a college student at Penn State. She was a small woman, just 5'1" and around 100 lbs. On Halloween night, after a night out with friends, Cindy disappeared. Her friends dropped her off at her apartment around 4 am on November 1, 2001, but she left her apartment sometime later and vanished. There were reports of sightings of a woman who resembled Cindy being forcibly taken into a car while crying and screaming, leading to fears of sex trafficking.

Despite police investigations, Cindy's body has never been found. Many believe she may have been a victim of the serial killer Hugo Selenski, who is already serving a life sentence for other unrelated murders. While several bodies have been discovered on Selenski's property, Cindy's body has not been positively identified.