From Ruins to Renewal: Exploring Abandoned Places Reclaimed by the Wild

By Jack Ripley | February 27, 2024

Lucy the elephant hotel, New Jersey

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Source: Pinterest

This enormous elephant-shaped building was first built back in 1881 with six stories and was originally called Elephant Bazaar. It had winding stairs that led up to the howdah, the seat where you would ride an elephant. Lucy endured many disasters including a fire during a period of time when the building was used as a tavern. During one of these disasters, Lucy's howdah got blown off. By 1960, it had been so neglected that the city condemned it. When a new developer wanted to have Lucy removed, a committee formed to save and restore her. Now she is back in operation fully restored. 

Abandoned Rollercoaster, Nara Dreamland, Japan

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Source: Reddit

This is just one of the roller coasters in this abandoned theme park in Japan.  This last abandoned theme park was supposed to have been demolished but yet it still stands as you can see from this old coaster luminously in the horizon.  Named the Screw Coaster, which is very befitting considering its appearance, this roller coaster has become quite rusty.  Nara Dreamland was a copy of the original Disneyland except due to money issues, they did not use the same characters but instead used less interesting characters. Another abandoned roller coaster at Nara Dreamland is the wooden roller coaster, Aska.  From the top of it, you can get a great view of the park.