From Playroom To Payday: The Surprising Value of 20 Vintage Children's Toys

By Jack Ripley | April 12, 2024

Gotcha Tamagotchi?

Delve into the fascinating world of vintage toy collecting, where cherished playthings of yesteryear become prized possessions. Discover the factors that elevate certain toys to collector's items, from rarity to historical significance. While some toys appreciate in value over time, others may surprise with their depreciation. Explore the gallery ahead to uncover the nostalgic treasures that hold more worth now than ever before. For parents reminiscing about their own childhood toys, this journey may spark a newfound appreciation for the toys of generations past.

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Tamagotchi is a virtual pet simulation game that the Japanese company Bandai introduced in 1996. The name "Tamagotchi" combines the Japanese words "tamago" (egg) and "watch." As seen in this photo, the game is a small, egg-shaped, battery-powered device with a screen, buttons, and a keychain.

Original Tamagotchis from the 1990s, especially those in good condition with their original packaging, have become sought-after collectibles. Limited editions and rare versions are typically the most valuable for collectors. Some Tamagotchis, like the P's Pink version, are currently selling for hundreds of dollars. The special-edition White and Red model has appreciated in value to around $3,000.

Furby Toy Robots Get Boost in Value

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Furby toys like this one have the potential to rise in value. Now that the Furby craze has waned, collectors are coming forward and snapping up the most collectible. These include vintage Furbies in like-new condition, rare or limited-edition Furbies, and those still new in the box.

To qualify as a mint-condition toy, an original Furby should be spotless with unmatted fur. All the original parts must be intact. What's more, the robotic features should work like new.

Rare Furby toys include the first editions of the Millennium Furby. Only 50,000 were available. The President Furby, released in a batch of 36,000 in 2000, has gone up in value due to scarcity, too. One of the rarest editions of this vintage toy, the Angel Furby, was produced in a batch of just 10,000. It's among the most valuable to collectors.