Forgotten Landscapes: Exploring Hauntingly Beautiful Ghost Towns

By Jack Ripley | March 5, 2024

Agdam, Azerbaijan

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Agdam became a ghost town as a result of war. It was relatively young for the region- only 300 years old- when it captured in 1993 by Armenia. 40,000 civilians were hastily evacuated during the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia. Agdam lies in a disputed region called Nagorno-Karabakh, and was held by Armenia for 25 years until Azerbaijani forces retook it in 2020. Hostilities still continue between the two countries, and skirmishes and sniper fire are not uncommon as the territory is still used as a buffer zone. 

Bodie, California

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If you are a ghost town enthusiast, California is your playground. Thanks to the boom and bust of the Gold Rush years, the state has countless abandoned communities to explore. The height of Bodie's activity lasted less than a decade, but during that time almost 10,000 residents were busy producing 38 million dollars in gold. It was well known for saloons and brothels, and vigilante justice was common. Bodie's fate was sealed when the Gold Rush years ended, but it has new life as a popular National Park destination.