Forgotten Histories: Discover The Most Haunted Places Around The Globe

By Jack Ripley | March 14, 2024

Larnach Castle, New Zealand Hosts Its Former Owner

In the shadows of history, concealed within the crumbling walls of ancient structures and the eerie expanses of forgotten landscapes lies a realm that beckons the curious and chills the bravest of souls—the world of the most haunted places. These enigmatic locations, steeped in the echoes of bygone eras and shrouded in an otherworldly mystique, have captured the imaginations of thrill-seekers, ghost hunters, and storytellers alike.

From the screams that echo through the night to the eerie sound of footsteps pacing the halls, these hot spots are a sign that some do not move on after death. Join us as we traverse the globe through photos, stepping into the dimly lit corridors of history's most haunted places.

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Known for its connection to The Lord of the Rings, New Zealand also boasts some haunted buildings like Larnach Castle. William Larnach made his fame as a politician before building this castle for his family. His daughter Katie, also called Kate, became sick not long after they moved in and passed away in her old bedroom. Both she and her father now haunt the property. Another woman named Eliza, who was William's wife, also haunts the castle and her former bedroom.

The popular New Zealand television show “Ghost Haunt” investigated the castle several times. Members claim they caught an image of William and picked up EVP recordings of several men talking when they were alone. Stories about ghostly encounters only increased when the Baker Family bought the house in the 1960s and began offering public tours. One chilling story came from a group who gathered to watch a play. They heard the sound of a racing storm outside and felt vibrations as the wind rattled the walls – only to open the door and find a calm day.


The Hoia-Baciu Forest, Romania Is Home to UFOs and More

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Often called the Bermuda Triangle of Transylvania, this Romanian forest is also one of the strangest places in the world. It earned its nickname due to the sheer number of visitors who went missing under mysterious circumstances in the past. Hikers are the most susceptible. More than a few people wandered into the forest – only to come out on the other side with no memory of what happened. Though some claimed they felt anxious or nauseous, others had rashes appear that no one could explain.

Others know Hoia-Baciu Forest as the epicenter of the region's UFO activity. A military operation in the 1960s captured the image of what looks like a UFO hovering above this Romanian forest. That's just one of the many sightings reported here over the years. The trees lining the forest's paths that seem to loom over visitors add to its unsettling feel.