Extraordinary Photos that Reveal a Different Side of History

By Jack Ripley | November 29, 2023

Grenade shells from a World War 1 artillery barrage, 1917.

Step back in time and discover a different perspective of history through these incredible photos that showcase a side often overlooked. From moments of triumph to scenes of struggle, these images provide a unique glimpse into the past and shed light on the world as it once was. Taken from various sources and carefully curated, each photo tells its own story and captures a moment in time that will leave you spellbound. You won't want to miss the opportunity to see history come alive in a way you never thought possible. Get ready to be transported to another era, as these extraordinary photos take you on an unforgettable journey through time.

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The sky was alive with the sound of artillery fire as grenade shells from a World War 1 barrage rained down on the battlefield in 1917. It was an iconic moment that has been immortalized in films like All Quiet on the Western Front and Paths of Glory, both directed by Stanley Kubrick. The horrors of war were brought to life for audiences everywhere through these powerful depictions of the Great War. 

Soft-spoken artist Bob Ross in his basement studio, 1993.

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In 1993, Bob Ross was a soft-spoken artist in his basement studio, creating iconic works of art. He achieved fame for his PBS show The Joy of Painting and is remembered fondly by fans around the world who grew up watching him paint "happy little trees" and other beautiful landscapes. His soothing voice and gentle demeanor made viewers feel like they were part of the process, as he taught them how to create their own masterpieces. Although Bob Ross passed away in 1995, his legacy lives on through reruns of The Joy of Painting, inspiring new generations of artists to pick up a brush and make something special.