Exploring Forgotten Sanctuaries: Abandoned Places of Worship

By Jack Ripley | April 12, 2024

Inside the chapel at Little Bethlehem

Welcome to a captivating journey into the echoes of faith, where sacred spaces once brimming with fervent devotion have now been forsaken by time and humanity.

From dilapidated cathedrals to forgotten chapels, each photograph tells a tale of abandonment, revealing how the passage of time can transform sacred sanctuaries into hauntingly serene ruins. Join us as we unravel the enigmatic narratives, both uplifting and somber, of these abandoned relics of devotion that stand as silent witnesses to the passage of faith through the ages.

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source: abandoned southeast

Built in 1970 by George Pike, this neon lit church was constructed completely from the donations of the parishioners. Rather than stick to a specific theme, Pike constructed the building in a hodgepodge manner that gives the now abandoned church an eerie funhouse feel.

The main room feels like a bowling alley from the ‘70s, and while that’s kind of cool for a man cave or, you know, a bowling alley, when that kind of design is used for a church it’s genuinely creepy.

The church of Little Bethlehem was in operation until the early 2000s, but since then it’s just been sitting vacant in the hands of the Pike Family. At least someone is watching over this obscure little building. 

Abandoned temple in Bhangarh, Alwar, Rajasthan feel the energy

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source: reddit

The energy flowing from this long abandoned temple in India is truly inspiring, even if it’s a long lost temple. It’s hard to understand how an awesome temple like this could be allowed to fall into such disrepair, but being in such a remote part of the world it’s likely that with no one around to take in its splendor it simply began to fall apart.

Luckily we can enjoy these structures today thanks to travel and a renewed interest in getting in touch with our spiritual side.

Less chilling and more of a lonely giant, this fortress of spirituality is certainly one of the most fascinating places of worship that we’ve come across in a long time.