Evidence of a Wooden Structure That Predates Our Species Uncovered

By Bo Beard | May 11, 2024

Kalambo Falls

Two ancient logs, hidden from sunlight for around half a million years, could challenge established beliefs about the technological and cultural practices of our Stone Age ancestors. 

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Discovered at Kalambo Falls in Zambia in 2019, these logs offer a rare glimpse into wooden technology in mid-Paleolithic Africa, a period usually associated with advancements in stone tools. The logs predate the emergence of our species, Homo sapiens. An analysis by an international team suggests that these wooden artifacts were once part of a permanent structure like a platform or building. 

The traditional view

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This finding challenges the traditional view of hominins as nomadic hunters and gatherers with basic tools. Larry Barham, an archaeologist from the University of Liverpool who heads the Deep Roots of Humanity project, said, "This find has changed how I think about our early ancestors."