EV Owner and Car Enthusiast Says Electric Push Was 'Foolish'

By Mike Fishmore | May 6, 2024

Former auto engineer

The momentum towards making electric vehicles (EVs) the dominant transportation choice in American society is slowing down, with one automotive expert and car enthusiast suggesting that hybrid vehicles will lead the way. 

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David Tracy, a former auto engineer and the co-founder and editor-in-chief of The Autopian, a website for car enthusiasts, explained to Fox News that hybrids offer a blend of electric and gas-powered options, making them a practical choice. While Tracy supports EVs, he also admits his passion for traditional gasoline cars and discusses the advantages and challenges of owning an EV. 

The suitability

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He highlighted that the suitability of an EV depends on individual circumstances, driving habits, and location, emphasizing that the U.S. still lacks the necessary infrastructure and consumer readiness for a complete shift to EVs, especially due to limited charging options.