Company of Ship that Took Down Baltimore Bridge May Be Protected by 173-Year-Old Law

By | May 20, 2024

Petition and appeal

The company that owns the container ship involved in the recent accident at the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, which led to its collapse and the tragic death of six workers, along with the ship's management firm, have submitted a petition in federal court to restrict their liability in the incident.

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As reported by the U.K. Independent, the petition and appeal filed by Grace Ocean Private Limited based in Singapore and Synergy Marine Group in Hong Kong rely on the Limitation of Liability Act of 1851. 

White Star Line

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This law, the same one that shielded the White Star Line, the Titanic's owners, according to the Independent. "After the ship sank in 1912, its owner, White Star Line, was served with hundreds of lawsuits totalling $16m in damages. Citing the 1851 law, the case ultimately made its way to the US Supreme Court. In the end, negotiations outside of court resulted in a settlement of $664,000 in July 1916," the Independent reported.