CNN Anchor Delivers Brutal Fact Check On Biden Impeachment

By Daniel Walker | April 22, 2024

CNN’s Boris Sanchez

The CNN anchor dismissed references to shell companies and lack of evidence.

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via PBS NewsHour

CNN’s Boris Sanchez repeatedly fact-checked and pushed back on claims made by Rep. Tim Burchett about President Biden’s alleged involvement in his family’s business dealings. When Burchett asserted $20 million flowed to the Biden family from foreign interests, the anchor noted bank records show $15M went to associates, not the family, and questioned how much went to Biden as VP.

Impeachment probe

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via CNBC

The House Oversight Committee’s ongoing impeachment probe of President Biden, led by Chairman James Comer, has taken center stage with testimonies from key witnesses and calls for the president to testify. The investigation, which has been characterized by allegations of influence-peddling and financial impropriety by the Biden family, aims to scrutinize Joe Biden’s alleged involvement in his son Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings and the purported financial benefits accrued by the Biden family.