Candid Moments Captured in Never-Before-Seen Photos From The '60s and '70s

By Jack Ripley | October 25, 2023

Las Vegas Strip, 1968.

Step back in time with these incredible images from the '60s and '70s that have never been seen before. This collection of photos is like a time capsule that has been opened, revealing a world that many of us may have never experienced. From celebrities to everyday people, these photos capture moments that are both candid and intimate, giving us a glimpse into a world that has long since passed. The photos may be from the past, but their impact is timeless, as they allow us to see the world in a new light. But be advised, some of these images may show you things you never knew, making this collection all the more intriguing. So, join us on this journey through time and discover a whole new world in these unseen photos.

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The Las Vegas Strip in 1968 was a dazzling spectacle of neon lights, glamorous casinos, and the sounds of Sinatra crooning from every corner. It was a time when "Ocean's 11" and "Viva Las Vegas" were playing on the silver screen, and people flocked to The Strip for a taste of the high life. With its iconic hotels like Caesars Palace and The Sands, it was the place to be seen - and with the Rat Pack performing at the Sahara Hotel & Casino, there was no shortage of entertainment. From the bright lights of Fremont Street to the legendary shows that defined an era, Las Vegas in 1968 was truly something special.

G.L.O.W/ Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling was founded in 1986.

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G.L.O.W, or the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, was founded in 1986 and quickly became a cult classic television show. It featured an all-female cast of wrestlers who competed in outrageous battles that combined athleticism with campy comedy. The show was known for its larger-than-life characters like Hollywood, Babe the Farmer's Daughter, and Matilda the Hun, as well as its over-the-top storylines and costumes. G.L.O.W was so popular that it spawned two feature films, "Ready to Rumble" (2000) and "G.L.O.W: The Story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling" (2012). Even today, fans still fondly remember this iconic show and celebrate its legacy by attending conventions, watching reruns, and even recreating their favorite matches.