Candid Moments Captured in Never-Before-Seen Photos From The '60s and '70s

By Jack Ripley | October 2, 2023

Clark Gable and Marilyn Monroe on the set of "The Misfits" 1960. 

Step back in time with these incredible images from the '60s and '70s that have never been seen before. This collection of photos is like a time capsule that has been opened, revealing a world that many of us may have never experienced. From celebrities to everyday people, these photos capture moments that are both candid and intimate, giving us a glimpse into a world that has long since passed. The photos may be from the past, but their impact is timeless, as they allow us to see the world in a new light. But be advised, some of these images may show you things you never knew, making this collection all the more intriguing. So, join us on this journey through time and discover a whole new world in these unseen photos.

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In 1960, Hollywood's most iconic couple, Clark Gable and Marilyn Monroe graced the set of John Huston's classic western drama "The Misfits". The film was a star-studded affair featuring Montgomery Clift, Eli Wallach, and Thelma Ritter. It marked the last completed film for both Gable and Monroe before their untimely deaths. While on set, Gable and Monroe created an atmosphere of nostalgia and fun as they reminisced about their past successes in films like "Gone with the Wind" (1939) and "Some Like it Hot" (1959). Their chemistry is still evident today as fans watch them share the screen in this timeless classic.

Canada's most famous hosers, Bob and Doug McKenzie! (1982)

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Canadian comedy icons Bob and Doug McKenzie, played by the incomparable Dave Thomas and Rick Moranis, first graced our screens in 1982 with their iconic sketch "Great White North" on SCTV. The brothers' unique brand of offbeat humor was an instant hit with audiences around the world, leading to the creation of their own feature film, Strange Brew, a hilarious spoof of Shakespeare's Hamlet set in a small brewery. From there, they went on to appear in various television shows, films, and commercials, becoming one of Canada's most beloved duos. With their signature catchphrases ("Take off!") and love for beer and donuts, Bob and Doug McKenzie will forever remain two of Canada's most famous hosers!"