Biden DOJ Set to Launch Nationwide 'Red Flag' Initiative

By Bo Beard | April 22, 2024

The 'red flag' laws

The Biden administration's Department of Justice (DOJ) is gearing up to introduce a nationwide "red flag" initiative, a move that has sparked both support and controversy across the political spectrum. This initiative aims to enable states to enact laws that would allow courts to temporarily confiscate firearms from individuals deemed to be a threat to themselves or others.

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The "red flag" laws, also known as extreme risk protection orders, permit family members, law enforcement, or other individuals to petition a state court to order the temporary removal of firearms from a person who may present a danger. 

These laws

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These laws are designed to prevent individuals in crisis from causing harm to themselves or others by possessing firearms. However, critics say the initiative can be easily exploited to disarm law-abiding citizens of their Second Amendment rights.