Beyond the Crown: The Extraordinary Life and Legacy of Princess Diana

By Jack Ripley | February 5, 2024

The People's Princess Is Born, 1961

Welcome to an extraordinary journey through the life of Diana, Princess of Wales - a woman who embodied compassion, broke boundaries, and became the People's Princess. Born into British nobility and catapulted onto the global stage through her marriage to Prince Charles, Diana's life was a constant intertwining of personal trials and public scrutiny. Yet, she navigated her world with a grace and humanity that resonated deeply with people from all walks of life.

This gallery will invite you to delve deeper into Diana's life - from her idyllic childhood to the dizzying heights of her royal engagement and wedding, the joyous birth of her two sons, and her brave stand for the causes close to her heart. You'll also witness the personal struggles she faced, the evolution of her relationship with the royal family, and her bold steps towards creating an independent identity.

Finally, we confront the tragic end that came too soon, in the form of a car crash in a Parisian tunnel that sent shockwaves around the world. Yet, even in death, Diana's legacy lives on. So, step inside and immerse yourself in the captivating life story of a woman who was not just a royal, but a force of nature, a beacon of hope, and an icon of the 20th century.

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Born in July 1961 to the noble family of the Spencers, Diana's early childhood was spent in the stately grandeur of Park House, a Georgian-style manor in the small hamlet of Sandringham, Norfolk. Later, the family would move to the Althorp House in Northamptonshire, which Diana considered home - and where she would later be buried. 

A former employee of the Althorp House reminisced on how they believed it's what the princess would have wanted: 

Looking back, [living here] was probably the happiest time of her life. You get the sense that she is coming home. Her father is buried here. I’m sure it is what she would have wanted.

A Fractured Family, 1967

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Her upbringing was not without its issues - her parents, John Spencer, Viscount Althorp, and Frances Shand Kydd, had a troubled marriage, and were divorced by the time Diana was six years old. Frances had fallen in love with another man, and John was awarded custody of Diana and all her siblings - her younger brother Charles, and two older sisters, Sarah and Jane. Charles, with whom Diana was very close, said their father was a "quiet and constant source of love". On the other hand, Diana never felt able to fully rely on her mother again after that, and kept her at an arm's length: 

My mother let me down terribly...she drove me mad … It was me that was being strong and her sobbing the whole time.