Behind The Disturbing Mystery Of The Trinity UFO Crash

By Jack Ripley | October 3, 2023

The Aztec Incident: New Mexico's Other UFO Mystery

Beneath the vast blue skies of New Mexico lies a tale less trodden but equally captivating as its famous Roswell counterpart: the Aztec UFO crash of 1948. While Roswell might dominate extraterrestrial discourse, the Aztec incident presents its own intricate web of mysteries, testimonies, and contradicting narratives.

This exploration dives deep into that fateful day in Hart Canyon, shedding light on alleged recoveries, whispered cover-ups, and the otherworldly visitors that might have set foot—or perhaps, landed—on our Earthly soil. Join us as we sift through decades of research, interviews, and speculations to unearth the enigmatic truth behind Aztec's cosmic encounter.

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The UFO lore of New Mexico isn't limited to just Roswell. Another intriguing episode comes from Aztec, unfolding a year prior in 1948. Journalist Frank Scully brought this story to the public's attention in his 1949 Variety magazine columns. Further details emerged in his 1950 book, "Behind the Flying Saucers." According to Scully, an unidentified aerial craft landed in Hart Canyon, about 12 miles from Aztec.

There Were Humanoids On The Crashed Craft

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Disturbingly, this craft wasn't empty – it supposedly contained sixteen humanoid bodies. Quickly secured by the military, the incident raised numerous questions. Was it an authentic extraterrestrial encounter or just a captivating narrative? The debate continues.