Back to the '90s: A Then-and-Now Look at Your Favorite Heartthrobs

By Jack Ripley | November 6, 2023

George Clooney, 1990s

Warning - this gallery may make you feel a tad bit old. We're about to embark on a vibrant journey back to a simpler time, when boy bands ruled the airwaves, heartthrob posters adorned bedroom walls, and the excitement of a new episode from our favorite series brought us together each week. Prepare to immerse yourself in a world that expertly meshes the past with the present, proving that while styles and trends may change, the charisma and charm of these 90s icons are timeless.

Let’s rewind the clock, dust off those old CDs, flip open your dreamy Tiger Beat magazines, and prepare to squeal, swoon, and maybe even shed a tear of joy as we revisit the heartthrobs who defined the 90s, and see just how far they've come. Together, we'll get lost in the vibrant era of the 90s and the captivating narratives of our favorite heartthrobs, from their humble beginnings to their spectacular now. Because no matter how much time has passed, these icons still hold a special place in our hearts. Let's go!

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Who better to bring a dash of silver fox charm to our 90s heartthrob gallery than the eternally suave George Clooney?  The 90s were a defining decade for this Kentucky boy. He strutted onto our TV screens as Dr. Doug Ross in the hit medical drama ER, with his perfect hair (that signature Caesar cut, anyone?), that irresistible twinkle in his eyes, and his mesmerizing charm. Oh, and his excellent medical skills, of course. The show ran from 1994 to 1999, and during that time, Clooney's character saved countless lives, broke quite a few hearts, and earned him two Primetime Emmy Award nominations. Meanwhile, on the big screen, Clooney donned the iconic Batman suit in Batman & Robin (1997). While the film was a subject of mixed reviews, Clooney's charisma was undeniable. His heartthrob status was officially etched in stone - or should we say cast in the Gotham sky?

George Clooney, 2023

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Fast forward to now. While the Caesar haircut may have given way to a more mature salt-and-pepper look, Clooney's heartthrob appeal has remained as timeless as ever. He's transitioned from playing a charming TV doctor and a superhero to taking on critically acclaimed roles in films like Up in the Air (2009) and The Descendants (2011). On the personal front, Clooney is happily married to human rights lawyer Amal Clooney. The couple has twins, and based on Clooney's interviews and appearances, he's thoroughly enjoying his role as a doting dad. Let's face it, George Clooney as a family man? Our hearts never stood a chance.