Another Terrible Box Office Report For Woke Hollywood

By Bo Beard | May 4, 2024

Total domestic box office gross

The Hollywood box office has faced significant challenges in recent times, stemming from a combination of factors such as strikes, film delays, surprise flops, and the availability of streaming services.

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The total domestic box office gross for 2023 fell short of the anticipated $9 billion, standing at $8.58 billion as of December 17th. This underperformance was attributed to a variety of issues, including strikes, superhero film flops, and a reduced number of film releases, leading to a tough year for the industry.

Notable flops

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In 2024, notable flops included Madame Web, with a 64% drop in its second weekend, and Drive Away Dolls, an LGBTQ road trip comedy that opened on over 2,000 screens but earned a disappointing $2.5 million.