A Look at the Most Vile Discontinued Fast Food Items

By Jack Ripley | December 5, 2023

Burger King's Whopperito

Welcome to our gallery exploring a nostalgic journey through the intriguing world of discontinued fast-food items that pushed the boundaries of what customers wanted to eat. There's a chance that you remember some of these items but consider yourself lucky if these passed you by. Join us as we delve deeper into the stories behind these discontinued fast-food items, reminiscing about the flavors, controversies, and memories they created. Continue reading to uncover more intriguing tales from the world of fast food innovation and share in the nostalgia that these remarkable creations evoke.

Indulge your curiosity and continue reading to discover more about these unforgettable fast-food items that challenged conventions and captured our attention. Explore the unique stories and flavors that defined a generation. Let's embark on this nostalgic and calorie-filled journey together.

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Burger King's Whopperito was a hybrid of a Whopper and a burrito that was introduced in 2016. It consisted of all the ingredients of a Whopper, including beef, lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, and mayonnaise, wrapped in a tortilla. The Whopperito was met with mixed reviews from consumers. Some people praised it for being a creative and convenient way to enjoy a Whopper, while others criticized it for being messy and overpriced. Ultimately, the Whopperito was discontinued by Burger King in 2018.

There are a few reasons why the Whopperito was not well received by consumers. First, it was seen as a gimmick. Many people felt that it was a lazy attempt by Burger King to cash in on the popularity of burritos. Second, the Whopperito was very messy. The ingredients were difficult to keep contained in the tortilla, and it was easy to make a mess when eating it. Third, the Whopperito was overpriced. At $5.99, it was more expensive than a regular Whopper.

Overall, the Whopperito was a failed experiment. It was not well received by consumers, and it was ultimately discontinued by Burger King.

The Vulcan Pizza From Nya Gul & Blå

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Swedish-based pizzeria Nya Gul & Blå created a unique offering that aims to satisfy diverse cravings all in one go. Known as the Vulcan Pizza, this overwhelming creation takes the concept of "stuffed pizza" to a whole new level. The pizza is crafted in the shape of a star, with each point stuffed with various toppings, ranging from steak and bacon to mushrooms and cheese. Interestingly, at the center of the star lies a salad that isn't as exciting as the rest of the toppings. Adding to the medley of flavors, a generous serving of greasy French fries and accompanying dipping sauces crown the cucumber and lettuce shreds. Priced at $14, customers were given the opportunity to customize each of the Vulcan's "pockets," potentially elevating the flavor profile beyond the standard version.