A Deep Dive into the JFK Assassination and Its Complex Web of Conspiracy Theories

By Jack Ripley | November 1, 2023

Some people believe that Jack Ruby was a patsy who was set up to kill Oswald.

November 22, 1963, marked a day that would forever reverberate through the annals of American history. On that fateful afternoon in Dallas, Texas, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in broad daylight, igniting a collective trauma that would grip the nation for decades to come. While the official account of Lee Harvey Oswald acting alone as the lone gunman has been etched into the public consciousness, a multitude of conspiracy theories emerged in the wake of this national tragedy.

Among the diverse conspiracy theories that will be explored in this gallery of intrigue, we will scrutinize Jack Ruby's alleged involvement as a patsy, raising questions about his motives and potential connections to powerful figures behind the scenes. We will delve into the shadows of the Cold War era and examine the Soviet Union's potential role, contemplating whether Kennedy's policies or personal vendettas could have led to his demise.

Furthermore, we will venture into the realm of political intrigue, where whispers persist of Lyndon B. Johnson's orchestration of the assassination, casting doubt on his path to the presidency and his purported motives for silencing Kennedy's voice. It is crucial to approach these conspiracy theories with an open mind, while remaining vigilant in our quest for truth. The story of the JFK assassination is not merely a historical relic but a prism through which we can examine the delicate interplay between power, secrecy, and the enduring human fascination with unraveling the unknown. Continue reading to discover the threads that weave this complex tapestry of intrigue, as we journey into the heart of the JFK assassination and its many connected conspiracy theories.

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There are some assassination skeptics that believe Jack Ruby was set up to shoot Lee Harvey Oswald through an intermediary, either the military or a federal agency, and possibly through the mafia. Because the real story has never come out there's no way to know the truth, but a letter written by Ruby to fellow inmate in Dallas County Jail in Thomas E. Miller states:

I hope you remember these names you have. There is one person you must warn, because Johnson hates his guts…his name is Bruce Alger, he was a former congressman, and no one knows how he was beaten in the last election but I’m sure Johnson had something to do with his losing... 
Oh the way I [screwed] up this world who would ever dream that [Lyndon Johnson] was a Nazi, and found me as the perfect setup for a frame. It was perfect for them. Remember they had the president killed, and now with me in the picture, they'll make it look as though Castro or the Russians had it done. Anyone in their right mind would know that the Russians or Castro would never do something like that…it would only create worse hostilities. After it was done they would only put another man in office to take Kennedy’s place. Remember the only one who had all to gain was Johnson himself. Figure that out.

Jack Ruby destroyed his life when he entered the JFK story

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Jack Ruby, born Jacob Rubenstein, was a businessman in Dallas who owned strip joints and dance halls and had some associations with organized crime. He had connections with several members of the Dallas Police Department, engaging in a mutually beneficial relationship where he provided favors in exchange for leniency regarding his establishments. Ruby's name became intertwined with theories surrounding the assassination of President Kennedy, and a common belief is that he murdered Lee Harvey Oswald to prevent him from exposing a broader conspiracy.