60 Things That Happened In The 1980s That You Totally Forgot About

By Jack Ripley | November 28, 2023

Cassingles, once the go-to format for young music listeners, have vanished into thin air with the rise of digital music, leaving behind fond memories of flipping tapes and rewinding hits.

Step back in time and rediscover the forgotten treasures of the vibrant 1980s in this captivating slideshow gallery. Join us on a journey through the annals of history as we unveil the lesser-known events and moments that might have slipped from our collective memory. Whether you experienced the 1980s firsthand or simply want to explore a fascinating era, this gallery is sure to reignite nostalgic sparks and bring back cherished memories.

While the 1980s are often associated with iconic pop culture and groundbreaking advancements, it's easy for certain gems to fade into obscurity over time. Our mission is to shed light on these overlooked occurrences, reminding you of the fascinating stories and forgotten highlights that shaped the fabric of this unforgettable decade.

From lesser-known music hits to significant world events, cultural phenomena, technological breakthroughs, and more, we delve deep into the tapestry of the 1980s. It's a chance to reconnect with the spirit of the times, reflect on the impact these moments had on our lives, and uncover the hidden gems that deserve recognition.

Join us as we delve into the intriguing depths of the 1980s and uncover the overlooked treasures that have slipped from our collective consciousness. From surprising revelations to nostalgic recollections, this slideshow gallery is your invitation to immerse yourself in a rich tapestry of forgotten history.

Continue reading to unlock the hidden gems of the 1980s and indulge in a nostalgic journey that transcends generations. Let's uncover the lost chapters and reignite the spirit of an extraordinary era that continues to shape our cultural landscape today.

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In the 1980s, cassingle tapes were all the rage. With their small size and convenience, they quickly became a favorite among music fans who wanted to take their tunes with them wherever they went. These little plastic cases contained one song on each side, and came in bright colors that made it easy to identify your favorite artists at a glance. It was the perfect way to share your favorite songs with friends and family, or just keep them for yourself. The sound quality of these cassettes may not have been great, but they provided hours of entertainment as you flipped through them and rewound hits from the likes of Michael Jackson, Madonna, Prince, and more. While digital music has since taken over, we'll always remember fondly the days when cassingles ruled the airwaves.

Saturday morning cartoons, once a cherished tradition for every '80s kid

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Saturday morning cartoons were a cherished tradition for every '80s kid, and the memories of those carefree mornings spent watching our favorite animated characters come alive still remain with us today. From He-Man and the Masters of the Universe to The Smurfs, these shows provided hours of entertainment and escape from reality. Even though Saturday morning cartoons are now a thing of the past, having been replaced by more modern programming in the late 90s, they will always be remembered as an iconic part of 80s culture that brought joy and laughter into our lives. To this day, we can look back on all the awesome adventures we shared with our beloved cartoon pals, like Rainbow Brite, Scooby Doo, and Transformers, and feel a sense of nostalgia for those simpler times.