30 Shocking Inappropriate Scenes That Sneaked Into '80s Family Films

By Jack Ripley | November 16, 2023

Stand By Me - The Blueberry Pie Scene

Ah, the '80s — a decade of big hair, even bigger shoulder pads, and some of the most unforgettable movies of all time. But amid the shopping montages and funky fashion, there were a few, shall we say, "cheeky" scenes that left parents gasping and kids giggling with glee. Whether it was the unexpected flash of skin in a supposedly innocent comedy, a steamy encounter that left us all hot under the collar, or a hilariously risqué innuendo that flew over our young heads, these R-rated moments were the secret ingredients that spiced up our favorite family flicks. So, come along on this tantalizing time-travel adventure, as we reminisce about the most scandalous, surprising, and utterly delightful R-rated moments that had us all wondering, "Did they really just show that in a family movie?" Let's get ready to embrace the unexpected, and dive headfirst into the naughty nostalgia of R-rated moments in Family-Friendly '80s Movies!

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In the coming-of-age story Stand By Me, Gordie Lachance, played by a young Wil Wheaton, tells a campfire tale to his friends: the legend of Lardass Hogan, a put-upon boy constantly ridiculed for his weight. In Gordie's tale, Lardass enters a local blueberry pie-eating contest, determined to enact a little poetic justice. To visually depict the scene's climactic moment, known as the "Barf-o-rama," a combination of practical effects and good old-fashioned movie magic was used. The filmmakers crafted a mixture of large-curd cottage cheese and blueberry pie filling to simulate the... well, let's call it the "projectile consequences" of Lardass's revenge. It was a tricky sequence to shoot. It required perfect timing, a stomach for mess, and a willingness from everyone involved to dive headfirst into the outrageousness of the scene. And it paid off: The spectacle was as visceral and chaotic as the story Gordie was telling.

Weird Science - Two Teens Create the Perfect Woman and Then Take a Shower with Her

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Weird Science follows two socially awkward teenagers, Gary and Wyatt, played by Anthony Michael Hall and Ilan Mitchell-Smith, as they embark on an outrageous, madcap adventure to create their dream girl. Cute, right? Well, not always. Once the "perfect woman" has been created - a sultry, alluring, and seemingly magical being, played by the stunning Kelly LeBrock -  leads the boys into the bathroom for a shower. Clad in their underwear, Gary and Wyatt are hilariously out of their depth, shyly trying to navigate the baffling, intimidating world of their newfound creation. As they fumble through the encounter, Lisa showers with them, teasing and testing their limits. The scene is a lighthearted exploration of every teenage boy's wildest fantasy, but definitely seems a bit inappropriate for kids. Yowza!