30 Shocking Inappropriate Scenes That Sneaked Into '80s Family Films

By Jack Ripley | October 26, 2023

Legend - The Darkness Is Way Too Creepy For A Children's Movie

Ah, the '80s — a decade of big hair, even bigger shoulder pads, and some of the most unforgettable movies of all time. But amid the shopping montages and funky fashion, there were a few, shall we say, "cheeky" scenes that left parents gasping and kids giggling with glee. Whether it was the unexpected flash of skin in a supposedly innocent comedy, a steamy encounter that left us all hot under the collar, or a hilariously risqué innuendo that flew over our young heads, these R-rated moments were the secret ingredients that spiced up our favorite family flicks. So, come along on this tantalizing time-travel adventure, as we reminisce about the most scandalous, surprising, and utterly delightful R-rated moments that had us all wondering, "Did they really just show that in a family movie?" Let's get ready to embrace the unexpected, and dive headfirst into the naughty nostalgia of R-rated moments in Family-Friendly '80s Movies!

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In the visually stunning and fantastical 1985 movie Legend, directed by Ridley Scott, the villain known as Darkness, portrayed by Tim Curry, stands out as a genuinely terrifying figure. His character, a towering horned demon with blood-red skin and sharp fangs, is a menacing force of evil. The intricately designed prosthetics and makeup used to create Darkness's appearance only heighten the sense of dread he evokes. Curry's voice, booming and sinister, completes the frightening image of this powerful antagonist. Throughout the film, Darkness orchestrates a series of sinister plots to plunge the world into eternal night and destroy the last remaining unicorns. The unsettling scenes featuring Darkness and his minions, including one where he attempts to seduce the innocent Princess Lili, add a palpable sense of danger that may be too distressing for young audiences. You have been warned!

Return to Oz - The Hallway Of Severed Heads Comes To Life

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Do you dare to return to the fantastical world of Oz? Honestly, I'd rather not - this entire movie was terrifying.  . Among the many strange and spine-tingling moments in this cult classic, there's one scene that particularly caused nightmares – the Hallway of Severed Heads. The macabre collection of glassy-eyed heads gaze eerily at Dorothy from their shadowy display cases, sending shivers down the spines of kids and adults alike. Just when you think things couldn't get any more unnerving, the heads suddenly come to life, their chilling whispers and blood-curdling screams echoing through the dimly lit corridor. Eek!