30 Eye-Opening Scenes That Sneaked Into '80s Family Films

By Jack Ripley | February 15, 2024

All Dogs Go To Heaven - The Hell Sequence

Ah, the '80s — a decade of big hair, even bigger shoulder pads, and some of the most unforgettable movies of all time. But amid the shopping montages and funky fashion, there were a few, shall we say, "cheeky" scenes that left parents gasping and kids giggling with glee. Whether it was the unexpected flash of skin in a supposedly innocent comedy, a steamy encounter that left us all hot under the collar, or a hilariously risqué innuendo that flew over our young heads, these R-rated moments were the secret ingredients that spiced up our favorite family flicks. So, come along on this tantalizing time-travel adventure, as we reminisce about the most scandalous, surprising, and utterly delightful R-rated moments that had us all wondering, "Did they really just show that in a family movie?" Let's get ready to embrace the unexpected, and dive headfirst into the naughty nostalgia of R-rated moments in Family-Friendly '80s Movies!

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All Dogs Go To Heaven, with its lovable characters, catchy songs, and heartfelt moments, is remembered as a childhood favorite by many. However, some parts of this animated film are not so lovable - in fact, they're downright scary - particularly the hell sequence. In this scene, Charlie, our German shepherd protagonist, falls asleep and experiences a nightmarish dream where he is transported to a hellish landscape. He finds himself surrounded by monstrous creatures and tormented by terrifying visions. Flames engulf the screen, and the eerie, unsettling atmosphere creates a sense of unease as a demonic figure taunts and threatens Charlie. The entire sequence is a stark departure from the rest of the film's lighthearted tone, t's hard to deny that the imagery might be too much for some young viewers. Woof!

Clash Of The Titans - This PG Fantasy Is Packed With T&A

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Wait...this was supposed to be a PG movie? Back in the 1980s, Clash Of The Titans transported us to the mythical world of ancient Greece, complete with gods, monsters, and, curiously enough, a surprising lack of clothes. Many parents probably thought they were getting kids a mythical adventure, and were shocked (and awed) by the many unclothed women and tight-fitting outfits. Weren't we all! Still, Class Of The Titans helped us learn our Greek mythology -  the film brought to life the epic tale of the hero Perseus and his quest to save the princess Andromeda, albeit in a racy way at moment.