20 Breathtaking Natural Wonders of the Ancient World

By Jack Ripley | March 7, 2024

Devils Tower Looms Silently Against Wyoming Skies

Embark on this visual odyssey exploring the awe-inspiring natural wonders that have captivated human imagination since time immemorial. From the sunbathed monolith of Ayers Rock to the majestic cliffs of Giant's Causeway, each wonder whispers ancient secrets to those who walk amid their shadows. Imagine the prayers that have ascended Mount Olympus, the adventurers who have dared the heights of Mount Everest, and the echoes of history that resonate through the Teotihuacan Pyramids. Nature's artistry defies the confines of time, etching its past in stone, water, and sky. Join us on this unforgettable journey into the story of these magnificent testaments to nature's splendor—the natural wonders of the ancient world.


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An awe-inspiring geological feature, Devils Tower rises with rustic majesty from the rolling hills of northeastern Wyoming. Known as Bear Lodge by the Northern Plains tribes, this igneous intrusion, or volcanic neck, towers over the Belle Fourche River, standing as a solitary monument visible for miles around. Sacred to many Native American tribes, it's a place shrouded in legend and spiritual significance, where the mundane meets the mystical. First declared a United States National Monument in 1906, Devils Tower invites the adventurous to behold or even scale its craggy surface. Whether viewed from a distance or up close, the monument's undeniable presence dominates the landscape, captivating all who look upon its otherworldly silhouette against the expanse of the Wyoming skies.

Mount Ararat Is Shown as a Fabled Resting Place of Noah's Ark Amid Lightly Clouded Blue Skies

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Dominating the skyline with its snowcapped peak, Mount Ararat stands as a storied mountain in the highlands of Eastern Turkey, close to the Armenian border. For millennia, it has been entrenched in religious lore as the purported resting place of Noah's Ark, a destination where Bible legend merges with geographical splendor. While the quest to find the ark intrigues explorers and the faithful alike, Mount Ararat holds a much older significance as a symbol of national identity for Armenians. The mountain is viscerally connected to Armenian culture and history, despite its location within modern-day Turkey.