17 Products 'Woke' Millennials Refuse to Buy and It's Affecting the Economy

By Olivia Smith | May 11, 2024

Single-Use Plastic Products

Let's take a closer look at 17 items that millennials have chosen to forgo purchasing and examines the societal repercussions of these decisions.

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Single-Use Plastic Products: As the concern for plastic pollution grows, millennials are rejecting single-use plastic items and opting for eco-friendly alternatives. 

Cable Television Packages

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Cable Television Packages: Younger generations are abandoning conventional cable TV subscriptions in favor of streaming services that provide enhanced flexibility, diversity, and clarity. Streaming services offer a superior value proposition, being more cost-effective, convenient, and adaptable. The cost of a cable subscription can cover the expenses of four streaming platforms, making the latter a more attractive option for millennials.